Irene was born and raised in Osage County where she attended Meta Elementary and is a graduate of Fatima High School in Westphalia.  She has lived and worked 20+ years in Jefferson City…and just recently moved back to her roots in Osage County. Her career has been in sales for the last 10+ years, where she has strived to always help people.

One of her life long dreams was to become a Real Estate Agent in the Community and surrounding communities along with furthering her career in helping people. Being a part of the Gratz Team, Irene is surrounded with almost 300 years of real estate experience in Central Missouri. She uses this experience to her advantage to be able to get her clients the best terms and price possible. She has great knowledge of the surrounding areas and can help you find investment property, your dream home or even that quiet little place in the country.

Please give Irene a call at 573-680-7282 and let her become your Real Estate Agent and help you strive and achieve your goal of Home Ownership.