SAT, September 17, 2022 @ 9:30 AM

Wardsville Lions Club

3505 Rt. M, Wardsville, MO 65101

Directions: From MO-179 / State Hwy B – State Hwy B to Wardsville.  Take left onto Rte M.  Lions Club is located on left hand side.

  • Purchasers will be limited to Missouri Residents ONLY with a valid photo ID.  A photo will be taken day of Auction when obtaining bidder numbers.
  • There will be no buyer’s fee added to the sale price.  We will not take any phone or online bids for this auction.
  • All purchases must be paid for auction day and removed from the sale site on sale day.
  • For security reasons, the guns are locked up and will not be available for inspection until the day of the auction.  Hall will be open at 7:30am the day of the sale for any inspections.
  • All items will be sold in numerical order.

Selling 80+ Rifles, Pistols, & Shotguns – Many of these have never been fired.  Ammunition, Scopes, DU Prints, NRA Prints, & Cast Metal Statues will also be sold.

*All items come from a private collection*


Savage 30-30 – 1899 Model Lever Action

Savage 303 Model 1899

Savage 99 300

Savage 300

Savage 303 Model 99

Savage Model 1899 22 HP

Savage Model 1899 22 HP

Savage Model 1899 303

Savage Model 1899 303

Savage Model 99 30-30

Browning 22 Take Down

Browning 22 Take Down

Browning 22 Take Down

Browning 22 Take Down

Browning 22 Trombone

Browning Citori Lightning Model Grade II 12ga Over

Savage Mark 2 Composition Stock

Stevens Model 34 22cal –Antique

Winchester Model 190 22

Browning T Bold 22

Marlin 22 DU 700 Model

Winchester Model 94AE 44mag Stainless

Marlin Model 1894 EL DU 32-20

Henry 410 NRA

Remington Browning Patent 12ga

Winchester Model 97 16ga

Winchester Model 25 12ga

Mossberg Model 500A 12ga DU

JP Sauer Triple Barrel 2 16 one Rifle

Benelli Nova 12ga

Thompson Center 45cal

Double Barrel Rabbit Ear T. Parker

Springfield Arms 1842 US

Wards Hercules 20ga

Browning BPR 22mag only grade 3

Browning 30-06 Auto – Grade 2 Belgium

Browning Belgium 270 grade 3

Browning Side by Side 20ga Grade II

Remington 783 270 Winchester Bolt Action

Henry Golden Boy 22LR Model 1 #H004

Browning Twelvette 12ga Belgium Vent Rib

Browning Auto Twelvette 12ga Belgium Solid Rib

Browning A5 12ga Belgium Grade I

Browning 12ga 3 ½ Tape Camo

Browning B2000 12 ga Belgium

Browning Sweet 16 16ga Vent Barrel Manufactured in Japan

Browning A5 20ga Belgium

Browning A5 16ga Browning Arms St. Louis, MO

Browning Sweet Sixteen 16ga Belgium Vent

Browning Sweet Sixteen 16ga Belgium Vent

Browning M 42 Pump 410 – not sure of Grade / DU Gun – Serial # 00495N1972 28ga

Browning 28ga  DU Gun – Serial #00495N2982 40ga

Browning A4 12ga Grade: I

Ruger Model 01159 22LR

Browning 410 Pump Field Model 28

Browning 12ga

Browning AS Light 20ga Vent Manufactured in Japan

Browning Sweet Sixteen Vent DU Gun Manufactured in Portugal

Browning 12ga DU Gun Silver Receiver

Browning 12ga DU Gun Blued Gold colored accents

Browning 28ga Pump DU Gun Silver Receiver

Browning 20ga DU Gun Silver Receiver – Identical Engraving as Gun Below

Browning 12ga DU Gun Silver Receiver – Identical Engraving as Gun Above

1976 Olympic 12ga 1oz gold in inlay

Browning 28ga

Browning 12 ga – Model: 75th Anniversay / 1 of 24

Browning 12 ga – Model: 70th  Anniversay / 1 of 24

Browning 12 ga – Model: 60th Anniversay / 1 of 24

Colt Cobra 38 Special Stainless Steel

Novel Arms Modd TW90 9mm

Browning Belgium 32cal 4inch Auto

Browning Belgium 32cal 6inch Auto

Ruger Mark III 22cal

Browning Challenger 2 22cal

Ruger Super Red Hawk 44mag

Raven Arms Model P25

SIG Sauer Model P238 380 Auto

Colt 38 Pistol Police Special

44 Magnum 10 Rounds

45 Colt 10 Rounds

357 Magnum 10 Rounds

41 Magnum 10 Rounds

22 Evil Roy Edition Henry

Hatfield 20ga 28”

TERMS: Cash, Credit Cards, or Approved Checks. A 3% surcharge will be charged on all credit card purchases. A $25 Fee will be charged for any returned checks. Not Responsible for Accidents, Theft, or Loss. Buyer must register for bidder’s number day of Auction and show proof of proper identification. Photo required. Announcements the day of Auction take precedence over printed matter. Auctioneers are licensed in Cole County, Missouri