SUN, September 10, 2023 @ 10:30 AM

5054 Monticello Rd., Jefferson City, MO 65101

Directions: 4.8 Miles West on Hwy 54 from Ellis Blvd., Jefferson City, MO

  1. FEG 9 mm. Semi auto Browning High Power take-off, with 2 mags, SN# F43748.
  1. Helwan semi auto model 92f in 9 mm, with a muzzle break, SN# 1112094, with fancy target sights.
  1. Remington model 241, 22 LR, SN# 98804, CA1947
  1. Browning 22 cal. Take down rifle, semi-automatic, like new, SN# 07215RN146, CA 1979 Early Miroku mfg.
  1. Remington model 24, 22 long rifle, SN# 113159, CA June 1931.
  1. Remington model 241, 22 long rifle, SN# 121609, CA April 1949.
  1. Marlin model 444, SN# 7051598, lever action, with 4×28 compact scope, 444 Cal. JM marked – special 1970 edition
  1. Marlin model 60, 22 long rifle, semiautomatic, like new, SN# 10418509 Special Edition – Micro-Groove.
  1. Underwood, M1 Carbine, SN# 3303347, with 4×28 compact scope, nice upgrade work.
  1. Ithaca 20-gauge pump, model 37R, solid rib, SN# 722192-1 Featherlight model made by the original Ithaca Gun Co, Inc. In Ithaca, NY
  1. Fox, by Savage Arms, 20-gauge double, 3” chamber, vented rib, single trigger, Ejectors, B-SE Series, SN# C498469, Ca 1966-1988.
  1. Remington 700 BDL, 30-06 caliber, SN# C6332607, 3X10 Simmons 44 Mag wide field scope, bedded and floated.
  1. Browning, BAR 243 caliber, Leopold Vari-X III, 3.5X10-50MM scope, SN# 137PM14394 Ca. 1980 Belgium.
  1. AK 47 sporterized, 7.62X39MM, semi-automatic, SN# 127282, 4X28 scope, Interstate Arms.
  1. Antonio Zoli, 12-gauge Mag over & under, 28”, model 281.512651, SN# 101980, imported by Sears, CA 1974 XXX code.
  2. J. Stevens Arms Company, 22 long rifle, single-shot, rolling breach, Little Scout 14 ½, CA 1920-1936, No SN#.
  1. J. Stevens Arms Company, 32 RF, crack shot, model 26, single shot, No SN#, CA 1920-1941
  1. J. Stevens Arms Company, 22 Long Rifle, Favorite model 1915, single-shot, #27 octagon barrel, SN# A62, old reblue.
  1. Quackenbush, 22 caliber, single shot, marked JR Satterlee, No SN#, CA 1886 – 1922
  1. Ruger 10/22 semi auto rifle, stainless steel model, 18 ½ with 6x24x44 target scope, CA app 1995. SN# 234-99146.
  1. Winchester Supreme Sporting clays shotgun, 12 ga. over and under, Invector Plus chokes, 28” barrels, ported, FN Belgium MFG, coin silver receiver, blue barrels, ejectors, and adjustable selective trigger, SN# 13amm01475
  1. American Gun Co – TriStar, 12 ga. double barrel shotgun, like new, 28” barrels and nice, Gentry model with removable chokes, etc. SN# 42128.
  1. Fabarm, 12 ga. Monotrap shotgun deluxe grade with and adjustable comb & pad, 33 ½ in. Tribore barrels, extra choke tubes and trap rib, ejector, and all of the extras in a nice up-grade trap gun, SN# 611204, adjustable trigger, palm swell, etc. imported by Heckler & Koch in about 2004, hard travel case.
  1. Fabarm, 12 ga. 30 in. double barrel shotgun, Extra Fancy Lion grade II, with choke tubes, ejectors, engraved nickel side lock plates, really a nice upgraded gun, SN# 810083, palm swell and real nice figured stock, imported by Heckler & Koch in about 2004, one of 12 imported for showroom. Hard travel case. (The absolute best high-quality double barrel shotgun you can ever hope to own)
  1. Browning XT Citori Special over and under 12 ga., with extra chokes. SN# 03749-MT-131, very nice with all of the goodies, 32 in engraved coin receiver and ported back bored barrels, 3 adjustable triggers, upgraded fancy wood with palm swell. Ca: app. 2016, with a hard travel case.
  1. Winchester 94, 30-30, SN# 4947191, ca. 1981.
  2. Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15 SN# SU19100 upgraded 16 in. target model with halo sights and all, 5.56X45/223 cal.
  1. Winchester 94 rifle in 30-30 cal. SN# 3627392 – Ca: 1972
  1. Winchester model 94 Ranger 30-30 SN# 6202753, Ca: 1985-2006
  1. Taurus model 66 revolver (large frame), 357 mag. Stainless Steel 7 shot, 6” barrel, SN# L0418599 New in the box.
  1. Rossi model M971 revolver, pre-safety, in 357 Mag. Stainless Steel small frame, 4” barrel SN# F105974 Really hard to find gun.
  1. Rossi model 972 revolver, 357 mag. Stainless steel, small frame, 6” barrel — R97206, SN# AV542663
  1. Rossi model 971 revolver, 4” barrel, pre-safety, in 357 mag. Stainless Steel in like new condition in the box, SN# F494777; comes with an extra 4 in. VRC ported comp barrel that is really scarce.
  1. Remington 7400 Hi-Gloss rifle, 270 cal. #8263148 has a 6x18x50 Simmons pro sport scope
  1. Rossi Model 971 revolver, 357 mag. Stainless Steel, small frame 2 ½” barrel, very scarce with sights and all the bells and whistles – SN# F225198 Like new without the box.
  1. Rossi model 971 VRC in 357 Mag, 2 ½ in barrel with compensator built-in, stainless-steel SN# F299155 – pre safety – VRC is very scarce.
  1. Colt model 1911-22 full sized rail gun in 22 cal. long rifle, semi-auto in flat earth, imported by Walther, SN# WD043001.
  1. Ruger Wrangler stainless type finish, 22 cal. Revolver, 4 ½” inch barrel SN# 203-21156.
  1. Hatfield black powder rifle, 39” barrel, 50 cal. Like new, Made in 1980 SN# 445**, browned finish with upgraded maple stock – Southern Tennessee Mountain poor boy rifle, with brass trim, percussion. Genuine Hatfield built by Ted Hatfield in St. Joseph Missouri before he went bankrupt.
  1. Pecatonica River Rifle Co. 50 cal. Southern Tennessee Mountain rifle, upgraded maple stock, iron trim, 42” percussion – browned finish – 1×66 twist Colerain round ball barrel. New and unfired.
  1. Austin & Halleck, 50 cal. percussion – 32 in. Barrel, 1 X 66 twist – made in Weston, MO by Ted Hatfield while he was there after closing up his St. Joe business, stock SN# 233, and barrel SN# 14-13-043139-98, this is one of the early ones – Mountain Hawkins, browned, maple stock, and in like new condition.
  1. Buffalo leather possibles/shooting bag and handmade powder horn from Track of the Wolf.
  1. 320 rounds of 223 ammo, – Brown Bear Brand, 16 boxes of 20 each – 62 Grain Hollow Point.
  1. 220 rounds of military 30 Cal. M-1 Carbine ammo, 22 X 10 round clips, full metal jacket.
  1. 980 plus rounds of 7.62 X 39 – Wolf Brand ammo, 122 grain hollow point – 49 to 50 boxes of 20 each.
  1. 1,000 rounds of 5.56 X 45 – Winchester, 55 grain full metal jacket – 50 boxes of 20 each.

TERMS: Cash, Credit Cards, or Approved Checks. A 3% surcharge will be charged on all credit card purchases. A $25 Fee will be charged for any returned checks. Not Responsible for Accidents, Theft, or Loss. Buyer must register for bidder’s number day of Auction and show proof of proper identification. Photo required. Announcements the day of Auction take precedence over printed matter. Auctioneers are licensed in Cole County, Missouri.

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