Value of a Buyer’s Agent

by | Feb 28, 2018

Did you know that Gratz Real Estate agents can show you any house that is on the market? What does this mean? This means that if any other agency posts a listing, that listing can also be shown by a Gratz agent. Why is this? It is because we have buyer’s agents who specialize in this market. So, you don’t need to hire an agent from a “big corporate chain;” instead, you can hire an agent from a locally owned and operated business right here in your own community.

Not buying the wrong house

Gratz agents are not pushy in any way, but what they will do during your showings is point out critical factors of a property. When you find a home you like, the agents will investigate it. Agents will be looking for factors that could harm or benefit your investment. For example, agents will look into the history of the home. If it has sold numerous times in recent years, it may mean there is some underlying problem. Gratz agents help connect buyers with property inspectors and appraisers who can further protect the buyer with expert advice.  Gratz agents will point out factors to make sure you make the right, informed investment decision.

Knowledge of local market

Gratz agents have vast knowledge of Central Missouri’s real estate market. They will tell you the trends of neighborhoods or communities. While no one can predict the future, they can identify factors that could lead to either higher re-sale values or lower re-sale values. For example, Jefferson City is getting a second-high school and is renovating their existing high school. Our agents can help you navigate the changes that will come alongside this growth.  Our agents are very active in the community speaking with local businesses to see expansion before it even happens

Pocket listings 

Ever heard of a pocket listing? Because we are locally known, we have sellers come to us who are willing to sell but do not want to advertise.   Oftentimes they are not in any hurry to sell, and instead, they are waiting for the right opportunity.  These opportunities are great for buyers because they reduce the competition and leads to better negotiating tactics.  These situations can become a win-win for both the buyer and the seller.  Without working with a Gratz agent, you may not ever know of that possible dream home.

Negotiating ability

Professional negotiators are in the job description of Gratz agents. We work to get you into your dream home with the best possible terms. Terms are something a lot of people overlook. Gratz agents know how to get the best terms and price in the market.

Ability to work on your behalf

People often underestimate the value of having a buyer’s agent working on just their behalf. Although certain situations allow for an agent to serve as a dual agent who can work both sides, having an exclusive buyer’s agent will give you someone who is working for just your best interests. Our agents will give you all the information needed to make the leap into your new home.


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