Set of Glass/Oak/Brass End Tables, Coffee Table, Sofa Table, Reclining Suede/Leather Love Seats w/Corner Piece and Matching Recliner Sofa, Large Metal/Wood Office Desk w/Keys, Office Desk Chair, Matching Oak Claw foot Table/6 Chairs/China Cabinet with Lighted Mirror Hutch, Princess House Wood/Glass Candelabra, Wrought Iron/Wood Park Bench, Infant Crib w/ Mattress, French Provincial Study Desk/Hutch/Upholstered Chair, 6 ft Folding Table, (2) 2 Drawer Metal File Cabinets, Metal Desk, Dining Room Suite Table w/ 6 Chairs/Extra Leaves/Buffett, Curio Cabinet, Card Table, 4-Drawer Chest of Drawers, Sofa, Dresser w/ Mirror, Mitsubishi TV, 3 Piece Bedroom Suite, (2) Dingle Beds, (1) King Size Bed, Dinette w/ 4 Chairs (Near New), Hid-A-Bed Sofa, Recliner (Near New), Book Cases, Flat Screen TV, RB Stand, (2) End Tables, Wicker Table & Chair, Lamps, Pine Drum Table, Pine Roll Top Desk w/ Chair, Sofa Floor Lamp, Quilt Frame, Lane Cedar Chest, Queen Size Bed, Oak Dresser w/ Mirror, Flat Top Trunk, Ornate Round Antique Table, Sewing Machine Base Table,  Antique Wood Dresser w/Mirror,


2016 Whirlpool Washing Machine, 2006 Fisher & Paykel Dryer, Room Air Conditioner, Magic Chef Mini Refrigerator, Frigidaire Heavy Duty Chest Freezer, Whirlpool Washer & Dryer Set (1 year old), Fry Daddy


Antique Jewelry Box, Assorted Miscellaneous Jewelry, Antique Ironing Board, Acer Laptop w/ Carry Case, Assorted Wall Hangings, Hummingbird Plant Stand, 1995 Bavarian Wall Cuckoo Clock, Black/Brass Fireplace Tool Set, Computer Gaming Chair, American Knick Knacks, Upright Sweeper, Kerosene Lamps, Silver Ring Coasters, Picture Frames, Egg Basket, Battery Clock, Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, Pewter Candle Holders


2 Metal Sawhorses, Ladders, Plastic Chemical Sprayer, Glass top Patio Table w/6 Chairs, Patio Table Umbrella, 2013 Troy Built Riding Lawn Mower, Earthquake Front Tine Rototiller, Shovels, Scotts Grass Seeder, Lawn Tools, Gas Snow Blower, Rotary Lawn Mower


Property of Various Owners

Terms & Conditions: Cash, Credit Cards or Approved Checks. A 3% surcharge will be charged on all credit card purchases. Not Responsible for Accidents, Theft, or Loss. Buyer must register for bidder’s number day of Auction and show proof of proper identification. Photo required. Announcements day of Auction take precedence over printed matter. Auctioneers are licensed in Cole County, Missouri.