How to Have an Auction


(Belongings, not a house or building-scroll down for real estate auction information) Do you have items that you want to sell? Contact us today to turn your items into cash. There are just a few easy steps to do before you call though. Step 1:  Take an inventory of the items that you no longer need/want. The only thing we do not sell at personal property auctions is clothing. Anything else is fair game. Step 2:  After you have a general list of the items you wish to sell, contact Logan,  Nancy, or Bill at 635-4168. You can e-mail. mail or drop your list by our office. Once we have your information, we will get to work setting a date for your auction. Usually we try to combine 3-4 people together at the same time to have an auction. That way, you all share in the costs of holding an auction, which in turn means more cash in your pocket! Step 3:  Decide whether or not you will be able to bring your items to the auction hall the day of the auction. If not, we can arrange for a loading crew to pick up your items prior to the auction. Step 4:  Sit back, relax, and wait as the money rolls in, IT’S JUST THAT EASY! Questions? Call Gratz


Right now, the average days that a house remains for sale on the real estate market in Jefferson City, Missouri is 75 days. With a house auction, you can cut that time in more than half! Auctions are a convenient method of selling your home so that you can be on your way without the waiting and worrying of when, or if, your house will sell. Auctions provide a one single time that all potential buyers are present in order to bid on your home. And you always have the right to accept or reject the final bid, so you are never required to take less for your house than you want. If your home does NOT sell through the auction process, then we do not charge you any commission! In that case, the only thing you are required to pay is the advertising bill and the inspection bills. And because we are also a real estate company, you always have the option to then put your property on the market through our company.


We also do Land Auctions using the multi-par system.  Call our office at 573-635-4168 and speak to Bill or Logan for more information. Questions? Call Gratz!