Auctioneers Note: After 35 years of business, Johnny & Nopi Pardalos have decided to retire and sell their restaurant equipment & related items.

Monday, January 23rd @ 11:00AM

2102 Missouri Blvd – Jefferson City, MO 65109


2 tables (41.5L,41.5W, 29.5H), Table (53.5L, 53.5W, 29.5H), 11 tables (47.5L, 29.5W, 29.5H), 4 tables (29.5L, 29.5W, 29.5H), 2 tables (50.25L, 50.25W, 29.5H), 6 tables (29.5L, 4.5W, 29.5H), Stainless Steel Table (71.5Lx 29.5W), Stainless Steel Table (60Lx23.5W), Stainless Steel Table (48Lx29.5W).


83 World Square Plates, 35 World square plates, 17 Sysco L boat, 12 Sysco S boat, 25 World square deep plates, 43 World Square plates, 13 World rectangle plates, 12 World square plates, 16 World square plates, 46 Buffalo Soup Bowls, 27 Buffalo Soup Cups, 46 Buffalo plates, 13 Buffalo plates, 43 misc. plates, 36 Wire sandwich platters, 20 Wire sandwich baskets, 14 French Fry Cones.


Walk in cooler (10×10), Walk in Freezer (8×10), Walk in Cooler (needs compressor (6×8), Cooler (27Lx 29W), Freezer (27Lx29W).


Heating Line (170L, 24W), Alto Shaam, 3 door pizza cooler table (86L, 32W), 3 compartment sink (104.5Lx 29.5W), 4 compartment Hot/4 compartment Cold table (108Lx 35 3/4W), Henny Penny Machine (220 Volt), Stainless steel plater holder (69×32), Menu Cabinet/Dish Holder (47Lx 24W), Desk (67.5L, 67 3/4W), Salad Bar/ 4 compartment hot bar (10ftL, 3ft 8inW), U shaped Am 14 Hobart with a Hatco 15 booster heater Dishwasher (8ft 6inL, 9ft 6inW), Exhaust hood (18ft), 55 Gallon Aquarium.

Property of Johnny’s Pizza & Steak House / Johnny & Nopi Pardalos

TERMS: Cash, Credit Cards or Approved Checks. A 3% surcharge will be charged on all credit card purchases. Not Responsible for Accidents, Theft, or Loss. Buyer must register for bidder’s number day of Auction and show proof of proper identification. Photo required. Announcements day of Auction take precedence over printed matter. Auctioneers are licensed in Cole County, Missouri 

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